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Welcome to MilesPerHr, a site dedicated to automotive passion in all forms. My name is Miles Branman (the “Miles” behind “MPH”).

Since my developing mind could first process what was exciting, cars (and later, motorcycles) consumed my imagination. I became an encyclopedia of auto-related data; 0 to 60 times, top speeds, coefficients of drag, braking distances. Each of these numbers were like trading cards – I wanted to take pride in their acquisition – but ultimately, they were just representations of the design and engineering feats of real-world teams and individuals. I knew the only way I’d ever be satisfied would be to meet these people and experience their creations…one day.

Though cars were my primary interest, the university environment (set in Boston, MA) pulled me back to what I assumed was reality. Though I started MPH in school and began writing for Fast Lane Daily, my enthusiasm for cars was relegated to “hobby” status while I pursued marketing for technology companies, and later, my own food service business.

Then, during a period of introspection, I realized my automotive addiction would never dwindle; I’d never be able to work independently of that industry in the mere hope that one day I’d own and drive some of my favorite vehicles. It had to be cars, and it had to be now.

Since then, I’ve applied my writing, communication, and marketing skills to the automotive journalism profession. I haven’t abandoned my data-centric mind either, as I constantly hunt for developing trends in consumer behavior and automaker activities.

In many ways, my life is a dream come true. Traveling the world, meeting the gifted individuals behind some of the most iconic vehicles ever created, and getting hands-on time with the latest-and-greatest cars and bikes – not even my wildest childhood dreams stretched this far. But the more I learn, the more I want to elicit positive change in the industry. Any pressure I can apply to automakers to build great models or any chance I have to make the average joe look at cars differently, I’ll take it. “Steal knowledge with your eyes,” someone once told me, and I intend to return that knowledge to consumers who ask what makes an auto brand worth the investment.

I hope you’ll stick around for my endeavor, and if you would like to learn more about me, check out my profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other networks listed in the sidebar.

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